Earn Money With Jackpot City Casino Affiliate Program

While many people think the only way to make money from an online casino is by playing well and placing successful wagers, there are actually ways to earn money simply by capitalizing on your affiliation with an online casino. In other words, a casino affiliate program offers members commissions or bonuses for referring other individuals. This is a win-win situation for all involved: the casino can bring in new customers, and the affiliates themselves can add to their online casino accounts. The Jackpot City affiliate program offers just such an opportunity.

Anyone can be a member of the Jackpot City affiliate program. If you are interested in earning a commission via this casino affiliate program, all you need to do is sign up at Referback and get the marketing material to track the individuals you bring in as new members. When you encourage friends, family, and acquaintances to join the casino, you will provide them with a special code, which they can enter upon signing up. This then connects back to your account, and the online casino is notified of your efforts. But not all bonuses are from affiliate programs, at some French casinos you get the bonus at signups without making a deposit. Another bonus is imminent after your first deposit, so the possibilities for cashing in are huge.

Commissions are based on the number of people you successfully refer as a member of the program, and the revenue these individuals bring to the casino itself. For instance, if you refer up to 50 people, you will receive 30% of this revenue. If you refer up to 100 people, you will receive 35% of the revenue, and up to 500 people will earn you 40% of the revenue. Any number of references over 500 earns you a whopping 45% of the overall revenue--that's nearly half of what your references are paying to the casino!

It may take a significant amount of time before you see substantial earnings from your references, especially if these references gamble only infrequently. Yet in the long run, being a member of this affiliate program can truly pay off. Moreover, the Referback affiliate program includes a number of marketing materials that you'll need to get started, so you won't have to handle all of the promotional details all on your own.