The jackpot network of Net Entertainment could be the answer to your millionaire dreams

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Even though Net Entertainment was only established in 1996, the company goes a long way back. Cherry was a leading Scandinavian casino operator. It had to modify its business when slots were forbidden in Sweden. In 1984, the company was able to purchase some old Swedish gaming companies and formed a new conglomerate. From 1986 to 1991, they supplied slot machines to a number of casinos across Eastern Europe. However, in 1992, the board decided to limit their operations and end their dealings in Eastern Europe. It was around this time that the internet was born and Pontus Lindwall thought that the smartest way to grow is online. At that time, the internet was still very young and far from being the communication tool it is today. Even if it offered a lot of conveniences and advantages, it took a long time before the internet became the medium of communication worldwide. As time went by, advancements made everything simpler, from the internet being available almost everywhere to its increasing connectivity speed. Still, consumers had doubts about using and buying products through the internet because security issues still abound. Numerous stakeholders worked into solving this problem because they were convinced it would be the best marketplace for their products. Now, despite regulations and restrictions, internet-based betting is a booming industry.

Pontus Lindwall founded Net Entertainment in 1996 and talked Kinnevik and Cherry into investing in the company. Both companies agreed to pour 75million SEK into NetEnt, around €8.5 million in value these days, to be used in developing the company. The result is a successful software provider that maintains a strong footing in a rapidly evolving, highly competitive market. But we cannot hide the fact that with the hundreds of web-based casinos that put up shop, there are a number that are unreliable. These sites are usually in countries where internet betting isn't regulated by the government.

Going back to NetEnt, right from the start, it was already a frontrunner in providing software services to betting sites on the web. They always had a wide range of games to offer any vendor and as such gave them a game catalogue that always had new titles. What makes the games more appealing to players is the NetEnt Jackpot Network where millions are at stake. As new devices became available, the company kept up with the challenge by coming up with a mobile-friendly platform aptly called NetEnt Touch. Just as it has pioneered several innovations on the web, it also did the same on mobile. We can be sure that Net Entertainment will continue to innovate and surprise gamers for many years to come.