Are you addicted to online gambling?

Online gambling is more popular than ever, and with that popularity comes the ever-present threat of gambling addiction. It becomes an issue even with online wagering, and sometimes even more so. The question that needs to be asked is how does a person become addicted to online gambling in the first place? Like all things that may cause someone to become hooked, it causes problems in the individual's life, creating strife between family and friends, or even with the individual's job.

An indicative warning sign that a person is addicted to online gambling is that the person is secretive about their habits. This actually becomes easier with the internet because the person in question doesn't have to hide trips to the casino, as everything can be done from a computer or mobile phone. Other signs might be that the person doesn't know when to stop spending, they continue to spend money even when there is no money, or money is owed to loan sharks or banks. These people will often tell friends and loved ones that nothing is wrong, and that there is no problem to be dealt with.

There are a few tips to help someone who is struggling with this. First, do not help the person pay off his or her debts. While the thought may be that this is helping the person, paying their debts actually enables the addicts to spend more. The person may be in denial, saying that there is no problem, or that it isn't a problem as long as it is affordable. These are both signs of denial, which is common in any form of addiction.

When it comes right down to it, there is only one cure for such overspending and that is to go 'cold turkey.' There are no miracle cures and things like hypnosis do not work. Many casinos, both online and off, actually offer support programs for chronic gamblers. It may be hard to get these people to take advantage of these services though, as most of them do not believe that there is a problem to begin with. Online casinos such as Jackpot City Casino offer support groups and tips about gambling addictions for anyone who may need it.