It helps to know the Playtech history

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It was in 1999 that Playtech was established. At that time, there was still no online betting like how we know it today, and Playtech played a major role in the creation of this market and greatly influenced its evolution. In fact, if it weren't for Playtech, players wouldn't enjoy the hundreds of exciting games they love today. A number of the exciting features we get in web-based casino games these days were first seen in sites powered by Playtech ad has only spread to other establishments, making it a common among players. In this article, we will take a closer peek at Playtech history and see how this well-respected software company climbed to the top.

Playtech History

In 1999, entrepreneurs from the multimedia, engineering, software and casino industries founded Playtech in Tartu, Estonia. After some product definition and market research, the company was welcomed its first ever affiliate casino in 2001. Since then, the company underwent tremendous growth, adding more creations in its portfolio, like Bingo networks, live and mobile casinos, the iPoker network, Videobet and land-based game offerings. Playtech had a glorious year in 2006 as their shares were listed on London AIM, officially making it a public company. It was also during this year that it expanded its operations, opening several offices in Bulgaria. The succeeding years saw the company growing bigger through the introduction of its sportsbooks and its entry into regulated markets like Serbia, Italy, Estonia and Spain.

In 2010, the company made several acquisitions and started to become a top provider for multiplatform gaming services. In 2012, it became listed on the Main Market of London ad acquired Geneity, which is the leading sportsbook provider in the UK at that time. Thanks to its innovations and unique multiplatform creations and services, it has become the world's premier online games software supplier.

At present, there are more than ninety poker games from Playtech. Every one of these games accepts several currencies and is also available in a number of languages so it can cater to every player worldwide. They also have several unique features that make them stand out. Not too long ago, enjoying casino games on mobile was only something players dreamed of. Today, modern technology paved the way for that dream to materialize. If you have a mobile device and internet connection, you can instantly access your favorite betting games. Playtech's roster of mobile titles have high-quality graphics and sound effects, you can never tell you're only playing on mobile. Looking at Playtech history and how its innovations shaped the online gaming landscape, we cannot question why it deserves to be on top of the industry.